Finalist in DSWF exhibition 2011,

                                 Mall Gallery, London

Contemplation for internet watermarked

              ‘Contemplation’,  by Sharon Spradbury

Coloured pencil on board.

A Leicestershire Artist, I’ve loved creating in many handicrafts & art since childhood, this has followed throughout my life.

Practicing art in graphite, coloured pencils, pen & ink, subjects have included buildings of interest, pets, wild birds & animals, inspired by a love of nature, wildlife & animals, all having such an important role in our lives.

After my drawing of an orang-utan, ‘Contemplation’ was selected for exhibit in the ‘ Artist of the Year 2011 exhibition’, run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, held at the prestigious  Mall Gallery, London, I returned to study art, encompassing drawing, watercolour & mixed media painting, achieving a HNC certificate in 2017.

My most recent exhibition of artwork being at the ‘Ashby Arts Festival’ 2017, Leicestershire..   I also study botanical illustration, currently attending classes locally.

I’ve completed many pet portrait commissions as well as sold original art work. ..I work in both coloured pencils & soft pastels, incorporating layers of colour into my work to achieve soft, blended effects as well as fine detail… working from photographs of the subject,  I aim to capture the true beauty, likeness & character of the animals in my work, using only professional quality materials, sourced from sustainable & environmentally friendly suppliers & manufacturers wherever possible.

I have a keen interest in animal conservation, with aspirations of being able to help our depleting & endangered wildlife populations & less fortunate domestic animals through my artwork. With this in mind, I make an annual donation from the sale of my artwork to animal conservation.

      Now supporting :   

  • Leicester Staffordshire Bull Terriers Rescue
  • Woodside Animal Centre, RSPCA Leicester Branch

 Buying a piece of my artwork will not only give endless pleasure, but you can also be content in the knowledge that you are contributing to helping the worlds’ wildlife through your purchase.