Original Artworks

Artworks in this gallery are all my own, hand-drawn, original designs, . I work in both coloured pencil & soft pastel, sometimes combining the two, giving a variety of effects.

To create my artwork I work from photo references, some from my own private collection, & others sourced from copyright free photo-reference sites.

To allow for personal choice, artworks are supplied without mount or frame.

Amur leopard watermarked

                                                            Amur Leopard: £400.00                                                       

                                     12″ x 16″   in soft pastel on pastel-mat paper.

The Amur leopard, is now Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List, these beautiful big cats are now slipping away as numbers diminish due to depleting habitat & prey, leading to persecution from hunting domestic livestock & also from poachers.

A donation to animal conservation will be made on the sale of this portrait.

macaques watermarked

                                               Lion-Tailed Macaques: £ 350.00

                                   12″ x 10″  in soft pastel on pastel-mat paper.

These are the smallest of macaque species, they live in South Western Ghats, India, where their numbers are depleting, listed as ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List.
Living mainly arboreal in the upper canopy of tropical evergreen broadleaf trees, they can also be found in areas of human crop plantations of jack-fruit, guava & passion fruit trees. Deforestation & persecution as crop-pests has left these monkey numbers falling

A donation to animal conservation will be made on the sale of this portrait.

tiger cub watermarked                                                          Tiger Cub: £ 250.00

                                          19″ x 22″  in soft pastel on pastel-mat paper.

The beautiful tiger is one of the largest of the big cat species, sadly now classified as Endangered- Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List.

Tigers cover vast areas of  habitat, including forests, jungles & mangroves. As these areas are depleting, natural prey diminishes, forcing them to take livestock, causing persecution from owners, as well as this, poaching has caused these cats numbers to decline.

A donation to animal conservation will be made on the sale of this portrait.

snow leopards watermarked

                                                                Snow Leopards : £ 250

                              13″ x 19″  in soft pastel & coloured pencil on pastel-mat paper

Two beautiful snow leopards, set against a soft-blended background.

Painted using only professional quality artists coloured pencils & soft pastels on pastel paper, ensuring lightfastness & longevity.

Sadly now an Endangered species on the IUCN Red List,  the reference photos used for theses magnificent cats were taken at a local zoo.

A donation to animal conservation will be made on the sale of this portrait.


Each finished portrait will be supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

All prices exclude post & packaging.


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